Riding Innovation

Established in 2011 by motorcycle enthusiast, SkutrNet quickly became popular among motorcycling communities for providing low cost, high quality, and effective solutions to fill aftermarket support gaps in the motorcycle industry.  Our first and most popular product was the Servo Buddy, which solved a significant problem for evolving motorcycle designs and tackled a problem the exhaust manufactures were unwilling to address.  Since then we’ve done significant R&D and expanded our Servo Buddy line for all major makes and models of sportbike and have also done a number of other race specific parts for clients.  Recently we’ve streamlined our brand to put the focus on our most popular products. Looking forward we have exciting projects in the pipeline and can’t wait to bring these ideas to market.

US Distribution now through Woodcraft Technologies Inc.

Posted on Aug 5th, 2014

With great pleasure we would like to announce that moving forward SkutrNet products will be distributed through Woodcraft Technologies Inc. in the United States.  SkutrNet is transitioning it's dealer network to Woodcraft and Woodcraft's existing dealers will now have access to SkutrNet products in the United States.  This partnership will allow us to better serve our customers and continue to grow our business by leveraging Woodcrafts amazing staff.  Please note that moving forward all US sales must go through Woodcraft or their dealer network. WoodcraftLOGO2

Contact form fixed

Posted on Dec 30th, 2016

We recently discovered our contact form was not working properly after an earlier update and we did not receive any form submissions and were not aware they were not going through to our inbox.  If we didn't respond to you we sincerely apologize.  The problem has been resolved, but you can always reach us directly by emailing  Happy New Year!